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JenausCam Viewer -for baby,pet

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Description of JenausCam Viewer -for baby,pet You can monitor your baby from your PC(Webcam available), smart phone and

Description of JenausCam Viewer -for baby,pet You can monitor your baby from your PC(Webcam available), smart phone and smart tablet(Android, IOS) using it as a CCTV. After installing JenausCam CCTV program on your PC(Webcam available) or Android phone and installing alsoJenausCam viewer application on your device, you can watch the webcam with any range of network such as 3G/WIFI etc.. When you are out without your baby or pet or when you are going to be away for a long time, check your baby, pet or house whenever you want to through JenausCam.Use your old smart phone as a home CCTV and monitor your baby and pet remotely.Do not buy a new high-priced equipment. You can just install JenauseCamCCTV application on your old smart phone. You can monitor your home remotely with installing these applications on your smartphone or your old smartphone.You can use several devices and control them remotely at once if you use an identical ID.You have only to connect with network (WIFI/3G/4G etc.) and turn on the viewer application for monitoring.Have you ever been necessary for a CCTV to monitor your home when you have to stay away from home or when you go on a trip? You can simply have it with an Android smart device instead of wayward, high-priced CCTV or IP Camera. It even offers you DVR function and motion-detecting function.Every Android device (smart phone, tablet, mini PC etc.) with camera is available. If you access with an identical ID into several devices, you can control them with JenausCam viewer AT ONCE.Attention* You can watch the recorded video saved on [JenausCam CCTV program] installed on PC through [JenausCam viewer] application in real time.* You can watch the recorded video save on [JenausCam CCTV] installed on Android phone through [JenausCam viewer] application in real time. * You can watch the video with several devices at once using an identical ID.* You can record the vision through PC or Android CCTV program with recording function and control the function through the viewer program remotely.* If it detects a movement, the vision will be recorded in separate folder automatically.* You can transfer your voice from viewer to PC or Android JenausCam CCTV program.* You can zoom in/out the screen on viewer.*JenausCam Viewer is a pay application. Payment will be taken automatically every month. (You can test for 1 minute every day for free.)*7 days from the first settlement are excluded from charging period. It will be charged after a week. Use it in this situation.- If you are stay away from your place for a long time.- If you need a security monitor.- If you have to work and monitor a patient who has to be nursed at the same time. – If you worry about the state of your house such as state of electricity or gas.- If you have to do something else for a moment leaving your baby alone.- If you work on test requiring a long time monitoring.- If you need to keep watch on garbage abandonment, damage, smokingetc..- If you need a CCTV which is simply installedHow to use the service (Refer to the guide from* visit and make an account.* Download the PC program and install it from (Or you can install Android [JenausCam CCTV] application.)* Run the installed PC program [JenausCam CCTV] and log-in.* Install application [JenausCam viewer]* Run [JenausCam viewer] and log-in with the account you made through the website.* You can watch the video from [JenausCam CCTV].

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