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UPDATED FOR 2020VoteWithMe helps you increase voter turnout for Team Blue, no matter where in the US you live or vote. I


VoteWithMe helps you increase voter turnout for Team Blue, no matter where in the US you live or vote.

It shows you who in your contacts can help you affect positive, progressive change for the things that matter most to you – and lets you reach out to them to remind them to vote for those changes. It doesn’t matter where you live or vote – see your contacts in VoteWithMe and reach out to them individually through text.

Why? We have proof that people are more likely to vote if a friend asks them to. And, just like that, your voice goes further and your ability to create real change is exponentially increased with every friend that receives your reminder to vote.

How? VoteWithMe uses publicly available records to show you who in your contacts is able to vote, who lives in areas with close elections, and who needs a nudge to go vote. This is how we empower you to have the largest possible impact on elections nationwide – all through the contacts you already have on your phone.

We believe the future of democracy is at stake and in the hands of voters. A simple reminder to your friends about voting has been proven to have a substantial effect, at times being the difference between disastrous policies and lifesaving ones.

VoteWithMe respects and protects your privacy. We will never sell your personal information to anyone and *we will never contact your friends*. You choose who to contact, and when to contact them. VoteWithMe gives you complete control – tell your friends to “vote with me.”

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